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Ensemble Kandinsky

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Andreas Janke, violin
Fabio di Càsola, clarinet
Thomas Grossenbacher, violoncello
Benjamin Engeli, piano

The four musicians Andreas Janke, Fabio di Càsola, Thomas Grossenbacher and Benjamin Engeli are well known on the big concert stages and have been chamber music partners for many years.

What these artists, who are based in the Zurich area, have in common is that they put their great musical skills and years of experience at the service of the great masterpieces. Each instrument brings its own spectrum of color to the ensemble, allowing the compositions to shine in all their glory. The ensemble interprets differently scored works from the period of their namesake's influence: from Johannes Brahms to Walter Rabl and Alexander Zemlinsky to Béla Bartok. In addition, there are often contemporary works that once again set their own colorful accents. The Ensemble Kandinsky promises musical joy and instrumental mastery at the highest level.

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